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Forum Rules

    • Be polite and treat all posters with respect and courtesy. 
    • Write clearly and coherently so that other users will understand your posts.
    • Before you write an angry post about anything, take a break.
    • No offensive language or obscenity.
    • Respect people's privacy; do not post personal information about anyone else, including your clients.
    • Do not post affiliate links or external advertising. 

This forum and our rules will be improved as we go along. If you think we've missed anything, please let us know: webmaster@healingtouchassociation.ca.

Healing Touch Forum

The purpose of the Healing Touch Forum is to discuss the practice of Healing Touch. Please limit discussions in this forum to Healing Touch.

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Open Forum

The Open Forum is open to all discussions about other healing modalities, healing events and training, social events for members, educational resources, etc.

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Healing Touch awareness across Canada

The Healing Touch Association of Canada contributes to the well-being of all communities in Canada and around the world by:

  • connecting and collaborating with Healing Touch students and practitioners, other energy therapists, and health care professionals to establish a new paradigm for health services,
  • providing access to continuing education, and
  • promoting a universal understanding of the benefits of complementary modalities.

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