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Healing Touch training can benefit any person who is interested in self-care and in personal healing and development. Healing Touch students are also trained to offer professional, structured Healing Touch sessions to the public—although not all students choose to pursue these services.

Healing Touch, which is non-denominational, is taught in workshops across Canada by trained and experienced instructors. Workshops are both theoretical and experiential with a lot of hands-on practice.

Certification is offered for students who complete all the requirements. Instructor training and advanced workshops are also available for those wishing to further their education.

Healing Touch classes are accredited by some professional organizations.

Healing Touch awareness across Canada

The Healing Touch Association of Canada contributes to the well-being of all communities in Canada and around the world by:

  • connecting and collaborating with Healing Touch students and practitioners, other energy therapists, and health care professionals to establish a new paradigm for health services,
  • providing access to continuing education, and
  • promoting a universal understanding of the benefits of complementary modalities.

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